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As a manufacturer of competition models, we consider carefully how to sell our products and satisfy our customers. Using the online store to display our products, we will do our very best to provide you the best planes at reasonable prices.

You can choose the products you like in the web page, and then see if there is a distributor in your country, you can buy planes from them directly. We will choose the distributors with best service and reputation. We believe you can get the satisfied service from them.

If you can’t find the distributor, you can purchase by mail directly from us. We provide stout protective packing and offer variety of shipping services to guarantee secure delivery; you can choose any packing and delivery service (subject to order quantities)

We are expanding our team, our product range and factory to fulfill increased market demands and look forward to welcoming you as a partner!

We are looking for distributors worldwide, if you want to be one of the team please contact us!

Commission North American company: STAR MOON SUN INVESTMENTS LTD to be responsible for overall operations and strategic planning of RCRCM.

Manufacturer: Sail Aerotech


Service and general questions: info@rcrcm.com
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