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About Us


We are a family of creators – close knit and a little crazy – handcrafting modelplanes at our factory in Taian, Shandong. We make beautiful products from quality materials because we believe each one is a representation of who we are.

We believe our goods are meaningful because of the thoughtfulness of the people behind them.



RCRCM.com began with friendship and the spirit to create. We’re a small factory of designers, craftsmen, and support staff who enjoy our work, function like a family, and always strive to do better. Caring about how we do things here makes us better at what we do. Our focus is to make a few things really well. We’ve found putting people first leads to the best products. And, frankly, it’s just more fun this way!



Mr.Yang Lin took over as CEO in 2012. He has worked in management position for 10 years before he came to RCRCM, and he was a super RCFans! He value the cultivation of a fulfilling work environment and the happiness of our people, the heart behind what we produce. A small, passionate team can make incredible products.


Be Bold // Do Everything Better
Be Open // Work Stronger Together
Be Bright // Live Positively and be Nice



RCRCM was founded by Mr. Wenjun Gu in 2006. Mr.Gu’s passion for sailplane began in 1987 when he bought a Sailplane kit by mail and built his first modelplane. He is graduate of the University of Jinan(University of Jinan is especially famous for composite material science). Before starting RCRCM, he was managing a engineering company in Shanghai and he was an expert in the composite manufacturing process. He has been away from RCRCM for years and sold his business interests in RCRCM . Nevertheless, he is the Lifetime Honorary Adviser of RCRCM. Thanks for Mr. Gu has always helped define RCRCM’s strategy.