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Tomcat report

Tomcat was reported in French magazine Modèle Magazine.

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With Spring season comes, don't you want to get a new glider for slope soaring? Contact us for sales discount... Welcome to order!

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- Gooney, E-Gooney Only USD259.99!!! - Tornado, E-Tornado Only USD789.99!!! - Angela, E-Angela Only USD491.99!!! - Tabu, E-Tabu Only USD819.99!!! - Tango, E-Tango Only USD803.99!!! - Typhoon plus, E-Typhoon plus Only USD795.39!!! - Split Only USD795.39!!!

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- All gliders have 20% off on direct/retailing orders. - Valid till end of Oct. - Discount code: W40RS15ELJJ, H9BD920%ZLL.

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New Product E-T-Cat

The new glider E-T-Cat has been released, please check it out here: https://www.rcrcm.com/collections/e2-x-meter/products/t-cat-e

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