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New product Jarvis X

The new glider Jarvis X has been released, please check this out: https://www.rcrcm.com/collections/motorless-glider/products/jarvis-x-tail

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New product E-Gooney

The new glider E-Gooney has been released, please check this out here: https://www.rcrcm.com/collections/motor-glider/products/e-gooney

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New product E-Link

The new glider E-Link has been released, please check it out here: https://www.rcrcm.com/collections/motor-glider/products/e-link-f3b-f3f-vtail

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E-Gooney ready

The Gooney electric version available, pictures of E fuselage below.

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E-Link ready

The Link electric version is ready, here pictures of the E fuselage.

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