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Tomcat EVO X tail
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Tomcat EVO X tail Tomcat EVO X tail Tomcat EVO X tail Tomcat EVO X tail Tomcat EVO X tail Tomcat EVO X tail Tomcat EVO X tail Tomcat EVO X tail Tomcat EVO X tail Tomcat EVO X tail


Tomcat EVO X tail




RCRCM 2,5m Slope Glider – TOMCAT EVO

Hello friends. I fly and love the original RCRCM Tomcat since many years now. I still think it’s one of the best all-round slope and flatland gliders. During the last years i got more and more ideas to improve the Tomcat in several points. There where simple things like the Aileron Linkages. But also i wanted to improve the all-round capabilities. Together with my Friend Carlos Pisarello who is creating Gliders for RCRCM for years now i started drawing the plane. We took all the outer dimensions from the original Tomcat like Wingspan, Length and Aspect Ratio but we chose a higher Dihedral. Instead of 4° we decided to use 6° to make it more stable in circling. Of course this also makes it easier to handle on the winch. But, if you like you can also use the 4° Tomcat Joiner. Also we added a new profile section to the wings. So we now have a better climb rate. The Tomcat Evo climbs faster without loosing it’s performance in speed. It also makes a very positive effect in distance flying. We increased the strength of the wing with a carbon layered main spar so it’s more rigid in F3F and soft DS flying. The wing area is a little bigger than on the original Tomcat so with a little more weight we have almost the same wing loading perfectly matching the profile. The Wings now have Ballast Chambers. So it’s much easier and quicker to increase the wing loading in the slope or at the field. A very nice Thing is, we changed the Elevator from full flying to conventional. Also the area of the Tailplane is smaller than the original Tomcat. This helps the Model to speed up very quick and it improves the pressure and speed in the turns a lot. After working together since several years now i’m very happy that RCRCM trusts me and said yes to the Idea of making an all new Tomcat. The TOMCAT Evo. After a lot of testings we can now say. It’s not only a new Tomcat. It is an all new 2,5 meter X-Tail Plane with similar sizes of the Tomcat but with all new flight characteristics. Thank you RCRCM and Carlos Pisarello for the perfect Team Play in this fantastic project. Henning Schmidt (Sansibear) ! Here is the TOMCAT EVO !

Available in 4 Versions:

Fiberglass+Carbon Standard Version: Standard hollow molded fiberglass construction reinforced with carbon fiber which gives good stiffness and torsion stability with lower weight and cost. Highly recommended for sport flying.

Carbon Version: Wings built using carbon cloth as well as fuselage reinforced with carbon from leading edge of the wing to the tail. This configuration gives the model enormous stiffness and torsion stability.

The first two versions are available in stock. We also can produce two custom versions; Light Carbon Version (less weight) and Double Carbon Version (with two layers of carbon).

Special Features:

  • Control Surfaces: Elevator, Rudder, Ailerons and Flaps
  • Two-piece hollow molded composite Carbon or Fiberglass wing design
  • Carbon Fiber reinforced wing with square wing joiner
  • Live hinges on the wing and rudder with pre-installed wipers
  • Smooth, gel-coated finish with pre-painted graphics
  • Glider fiberglass or full carbon with a beautiful finish comes with all necessary accessories for mounting


  • 2490mm Wingspan Slope Glider – TOMCAT EVO
  • Ballast Tube(for Motorless Glider only), servo support, Push Rod, Clevis, Linkage Rod, Control horn, Servo Cover, Wing joiner, tail joiner, servo plate


Preferences                      Motorless

Wingspan:                        2490mm

Length:                              1300mm

Wing area:                         44.5dm2

Flying Weight:                   1800-2000g

Empty Weight:                   N/A               

CG:                                   93-95 mm from leading edge

Tow hook setting              NO

Ailerons                            YES

Elevator                            YES

Rudder                             YES

Flaps                                 YES

Required Radio                 No less than 6 channels

Recommend equipment configuration for a motorless version basic configuration

Servos for wings                KST DS125MG*4

Servos for fuselage            KST DS215MG*2


Paint Scheme is also available in a wide range of colors, besides standard color scheme presents on this website and can also include some other color schemes.

Another important thing about the surface of the glider: this RCRCM glider is fully moulded. Mould precision ensures that each glider has a complete aerodynamic layout but in the process of composite production, there is a slight chance of very tiny air bubbles or slight cloth grain. In the unlikely event that these small imperfections exist, they do not affect the structural strength or flight performance.

Glider long term storage: Hang glider vertically to reduce the stress on the glider surfaces to avoid deformation that could adversely affect flight performance and trim.

Tomcat EVO manual

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Customer Reviews

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