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RCRCM activities

F3B WC 2017

RCRCM is the official sponsor of 2017 F3B WC, the 300 made a great performance in the competition, it is an amazing glider, please check this out! F3B WC 2017 

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Flugmodell election

The German major magazine "Flugmodell" has done an election by their readers, more than 10.000 have elected the model of their favour. The EMC-Vega-edition of the RCRCM-Tomcat was elected for the third place – Bronce medal category glider. Congratulations!!!  

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Team USA F3J

RCRCM is the official sponsor of the Team USA F3J in Giant RC Raffle. http://www.teamusaf3j.com/?page_id=1843

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F3B WC 2015

RCRCM is the official sponsor for 2015 F3B WC in Holland, the F3B glider - Tabu in the competition, check this out!  

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Tornado in contest

RCRCM Tornado in French contest!

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