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The Predator is a highly sophisticated slope-racer, specially designed for F3F. It is designed by Gudmund Malones. It has been developed over a period of 18 months to get the best performance possible, and the goal was to offer a top class glider, and yet be affordable.

Materials all over are the best available as the strength and finish.
Wings and fuselage are painted in high gloss moulds, and have a long lasting hard finish. Wings have a 40 mm spar made of Herex, and the wings are made with GFK, single carbon and double carbon version.

Flight characteristics are forgiven, but it has a tremendous speed range.
It picks up speed very fast, and has a lot of energy retention.
This is important in competitions, but also gives you the very best performance while you just want to relax with it, or perhaps just go bananas.

Fully aerobatic of course, but the essence of the Predator is the speed.
The prototypes have been flown with 1.6 kilos of ballast in severe conditions. Those are also tested in Dynamic Soaring.
But it’s also a floater in calm winds and keeps the forgiving handling in all conditions. There are absolutely no hidden secrets with it, it will most likely be your all time favourite.

Wingspan: 2960mm
Length: 1465mm
Empty weight: 1450-1600g
Wing area: 58.9dm²
Airfoil: GM08 /6.8
Tail plane: TP29
Ballast: 1600grams
Function: Rudder, elevator, ailerons and flaps.
Servos: 6.





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